The Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring Process

Are you located in the USA and advancing your cabin crew attendant career? Or have you already finished your flight attendant course, live in the USA, and looking for an employment opportunity? Southwest Airlines is a perfect opportunity to send your application and try your luck. First, you need to meet a set of qualifications and requirements, then follow the procedures described in this guide.

But before then, what is all about Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines, based in the US, was established in 1967. The entity has been operating since, and its ultimate goal is to deliver top-notch services. Its operation includes many domestic and international flight schedules.

As part of the teams, flight attendants play a significant role in ensuring the airline delivers exceptional customer service. This implies that you must meet the qualifications and basic requirements set by the stakeholders. Once you meet all the basics of being part of Southwest Airlines, you can send your detailed application, attaching all the required documents to prove you meet all the requirements.

The Hiring process of Southwest Flight Attendants

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring Process

Before you become a flight attendant employee with Southwest Airlines, you must send your application through the following simple processes:

  1. Check the official Southwest Airlines career page
  2. Key in the required details in the application form, then submit it along with your resume
  3. Check for an email from the HR department (usually within one week after submission)
  4. If shortlisted, be ready to undertake an online assessment test set by the airline and answer the questions as prompted.
  5. When you pass the online assessment, you will now take a phone screen, then a virtual panel interview conducted by a current flight attendant and a recruiter.
  6. Next, you will take a series of personal interviews at the Southwest Airlines headquarters in Dallas, Texas.
  7. If you pass all the interviews, next is the PPSPA – Physical Performance Standards Proficiency Assessment.
  8. Next is to take a medical check, drug test, and an overall background check.
  9. Once you finish the processes, pass all the interviews, and meet all the basic requirements and qualifications set by the Southwest Airlines stakeholders, you will now have to undertake initial training in Dallas, Texas, for one month.

Note: At times, you can have a hard time trying to access the website. If you face such an issue, reach the Southwest Airlines team via 877 – 792 – 4792 for assistance.

The processes can be long, but as long as you meet all the set guidelines, you can enjoy your career dream and get a wide range of benefits for being part of the Southwest Airlines team.


Have you been trying to apply for a flight attendant position at Southwest Airlines without succeeding? You can never know where you went wrong. However, with the steps outlined above, you can be sure you’ve followed the right steps, and your work will only be to wait. Therefore, why take chances? Try your luck with Southwest Airlines and become the next top flight attendant.

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