Southwest Airlines Rewards Login

Have you used Southwest Airlines recently, or are you planning to use their services? Well, if you haven’t considered using Southwest Airlines services, it is high time you gave it a trial to get a chance to enjoy exclusive rewards as a result of being their loyal customer.

However, to access and enjoy these services, you must have an account and meet a rigid rule of requirements and criteria. This guide highlights all the useful insights you need to understand as you use your Southwest Airlines rewards.

How to earn Southwest Airlines Rewards

To earn Southwest rewards, you first need to enroll; then, you can begin earning the points once you set flight targets and/o with rapid rewards partner transactions.

A registered member can earn points either through:

  • A legit purchase using Southwest Airlines’ rapid rewards partners
  • Through booked flights traversing through Southwest

Note: For every qualified flight, the payments must be through dollars, flight credits, gift cards, or Southwest LUV vouchers, all where applicable.

Requirements to login

First, you must be a Rapid Rewards member before you can log in and access the wide range of services from Southwest airlines. You can then create an account with Southwest Airlines through a mobile app to view available rewards and how to get them rewards. You will need an account number and your password to get an account.

The login processes

Once you have an account with Southwest Airlines, follow the steps below to log in and access the account’s details:

  • Navigate through the official Rapid Rewards account
  • Key in your account number and the respective password in the respective boxes
  • Select the login option and access the account’s dashboard

In the account, you can do the following:

  • Adjust your profile based on your preferences
  • Access and see trips ahead – You can pick one based on your convenience
  • Book a reward
  • Book a companion travel.

With the easy steps highlighted, why not create a Southwest Airlines rewards login to enjoy several benefits?

How to reset your Southwest Airlines rewards login

Should you forget your Southwest login details, you don’t need to create a new account or stay without enjoying the platform’s benefits. Recover your password through the steps below:

  1. Navigate through the official Southwest rewards login page
  2. Next, click on the prompt, “need help to log in?” just below the login details
  3. Now, key in the basic information as directed.
  4. Check the email for the email you used during registration. You will find a mail with your password.

Southwest Airlines Rewards Login


Southwest Airlines is an outstanding aviation entity dedicated to serving its customers exceptionally and to maximum satisfaction. As a way of improving user experience, the airline service has a platform to give rewards to its members. You, too, can become part of Southwest rewards login and enjoy good rewards such as trips and other related rewards. If you always have difficulty accessing the platform, use the details in this guide and start using the services easily.

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