Requirements to be Part of Southwest Airline Flight Attendants

Are you passionate about flying from one destination to another? Are you pursuing your childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant? Several employment opportunities will help you make your career objectives a reality. Working with Southwest Airlines, for instance, is a perfect chance to start and elevate your career.

So, are you wondering how you can become a Southwest Airlines flight attendant team? Keep reading this guide as we evaluate the basic requirements you need to become an approved Southwest Airlines flight attendant.

Note: Southwest Airlines is based in Dallas, Texas, with flight operations around the cities in the USA and ten more countries.

Known for its exceptional customer service delivery, the airline is determined to offer nothing, but the best, with the flight attendants playing a big part in helping the airline achieve its goals. That is why, before you become part of their service providers, you must meet some qualifications and some basic requirements we will describe in this guide.


Qualifications and Requirements to Become a Southwest flight attendant

Since Southwest Airlines is a reputable entity dedicated to offering nothing but the best to its clients, getting a flight attendant job isn’t easy. The top management has strict guidelines to follow, apart from the qualifications each candidate must meet. Therefore, as you are on the move to securing a flight attendant position with Southwest Airlines, make sure you meet the following requirements and qualifications:

  1. You must have attained 20 years and above
  2. You must have a 20/40 correctable vision
  3. You must be proficient enough in English
  4. You must undergo and pass the set drug check test
  5. You must have permission to work legally in the USA
  6. It would be best if you had a diploma (school diploma) or GED
  7. You must be able to fly both international and local flight routes.
  8. You also need to meet the rigid rules of physical requirements regarding height, standing time, and reaching overhead bins, among others.
  9. You must be able to lift at least 50 pounds, either to reach, kneel, stand, or lift it

These are the set standards specifically for Southwest airlines. Other basic qualifications to meet include the following:

  1. At least one year of experience serving as a guest care or customer care services
  2. Advanced education in the relevant field after high school
  3. Previous experience working in any aviation field

Besides, make sure you have an accurate version of the following documents/details as they are significant in becoming a Southwest Airlines flight attendant:

  • A soft copy of your updated resume
  • Passport photocopy and your picture
  • Documents supporting your educational background


Becoming a flight attendant is a perfect exploration career. Apart from good earnings, you get a chance to explore different countries, interact with different people across different countries and learn different cultural practices of different countries. What more could a person wish for? So take a chance, meet the above-highlighted requirements, and become part of Southwest Airlines flight attendant as you upgrade your career.

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